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Detective Fiction Posts

Beyond Gamache: 15 Fictional Detectives You Should Know

by Kerry Clare

If you're a big fan of Louise Penny's bestselling Inspector Gamache series (and maybe—even especially—if you're not?), these are the crime fiction …

Launchpad: The War Widow, by Tara Moss

by Kerry Clare

"Retro noir with a gutsy heroine and atmospheric setting...vivid, page-turning historical crime."

Launchpad: Closing Time, by Brenda Chapman

by Kerry Clare

"Complex and filled with menace... [this] tale of sex, lies, and betrayal will keep you up at night."—Barbara Fradkin

Launchpad: A Match Made for Murder, by Iona Whishaw

by Kerry Clare

"Full of history, mystery, and a glorious BC setting . . . a wonderful series." —Sleuth of Baker Street Bookstore

Ann Lambert: Watershed Books

The challenge: "How do I isolate ten books to recommend from the range and depth of Canadian literature?"

R.J. Harlick: More Than "Good Enough"

Canadian books stand up as some of the finest in the world. 

Crime Fiction Virtual Round-Table

We talk with Wayne Arthurson, Steve Burrows, Hilary Davidson, Dieter Kalteis, Ausma Zehanant Khan, Suzanne Kingsmill, Janice MacDonald, and R.J. McMillen. …

Get Gripped: Mystery, Thriller and Crime Novels to Read This Spring

These are the kind of books they had to make up the word "unputdownable" for. 

Ten Mystery Books to Read This Spring

'Tis the season to curl up with mystery!

An Excerpt from Stranglehold, Robert Rotenberg's Latest

Bestselling author Robert Rotenberg is back with Stranglehold, his most shocking book yet, featuring Detective Ari Greene in the fight of his life.