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Crime Fiction Posts

8 Unconventional Detectives in Canadian Crime Fiction

by Greg Rhyno

A recommended reading list by the author of the new book Who By Fire

Great Books to Get You Through Dark Times

by Kate Hilton and Elizabeth Renzetti

A recommended reading list by the authors of the new mystery Bury the Lead.

8 Books to Read While Paddling Down the River Tweed in the Morning Light with but a Whisper of Rain Falling

by Sam Shelstad

A recommended reading list by the author of Citizens of Light, one of our July summer books picks!

The Chat with Carolyn Whitzman

by Trevor Corkum

In Clara at the Door with a Revolver: The Scandalous Black Suspect, the Exemplary White Son, and the Murder That Shocked Toronto, Carolyn Whitzman explores …

Beyond Gamache: 15 Fictional Detectives You Should Know

by Kerry Clare

If you're a big fan of Louise Penny's bestselling Inspector Gamache series (and maybe—even especially—if you're not?), these are the crime fiction …

She Kills Lit

by C.S. O'Cinneide

A recommended reading list by the author of the new thriller Eve's Rib.

Five Vancouver Crime Fiction Knockouts

by Charles Demers

"Vancouver is a beautiful, glossy and glossed-over town, and much like a minor aristocratic character in a Golden Age British murder mystery, its good …

Crime Fiction, True Crime, Historical Mysteries, and History

by Anne Emery

A recommended reading list by Anne Emery, whose latest book is The Keening.


First Class Thrillers

by Robyn Harding

Canada has no shortage of literary heavyweights, but in recent years a crop of talented crime-fiction authors has come to the fore.

10 Unapologetically Twisted Reads

by Hannah Mary McKinnon

Ten crime reads to help you discover why authors in Canada have their own hashtag (#ReadTheNorth), and deserve a place on anybody’s reading shelf.

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