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Reading Eclectically

by Yvonne Blomer

A recommended reading list by the author of the new poetry collection The Last Show on Earth.

The Chat with Michael Harris

by Trevor Corkum

We start 2022 in conversation with Michael Harris. His new book, All We Want: Building the Life We Cannot Buy (Doubleday), explores the connection between …

The Chat with David Huebert

by Trevor Corkum

For our final chat of 2021, we’re in conversation with East Coast author David Huebert. His sophomore fiction offering, Chemical Valley (Biblioasis), …

Love Stories: A People and Planet Affair

by Arno Kopecky

A recommended reading list by Arno Kopecky, whose latest book is The Environmentalist's Dilemma


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17 books

Climate Change & the Environment

list by 49th Teachers

Hope Matters: Turning Toward Solutions and Away From Doom

by Elin Kelsey

The tired old narrative of doom and gloom can no longer capture the changing global dynamics of life on planet Earth. The constant harkening back to fear …

Launchpad: REVERY, by Jenna Butler

by Kerry Clare

"This is smart and sensitive writing; Revery makes me ache for Jenna and for all of us. But it soothes me too—acknowledging how difficult life is and …

25 Reasons to be Hopeful

by Kerry Clare

The following books are infused with hope—that what we do and who we are really matters, that second chances are possible, and so too is a better world. …

Launchpad: Devolution, by Kim Goldberg

by Kerry Clare

"Kim Goldberg is a climate-voyant, offering visions of time-warped ecologies and malignantly inverted processes of nature." —Sonnet L'Abbé

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