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Book Cover Big Reader

A Taster: Spring 2021 Nonfiction Preview

By 49th Shelf Staff

Life stories, family, baseball, and retreat. These highlight the nonfiction we're most looking forward to this spring. 

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ICYMI: Don't Miss These Beauties

ICYMI: Don't Miss These Beauties

By Kiley Turner

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our attention spans, making it possible to miss really great fiction. These books caug …

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Book Cover Small Courage

Small Courage: Parenting Memoirs

By Jane Byers

A recommended reading list by Jane Byers, whose new queer parenting memoir is out now.

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The Chat with Kimiko Tobimatsu

The Chat with Kimiko Tobimatsu

By Trevor Corkum

Author Kimiko Tobimatsu and illustrator Keet Geniza have teamed up to create Kimiko Does Cancer, a timely graphic memoir …

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Book Cover Best Canadian Poetry 2020

A Record of Literary History: Best Canadian Poetry 2020

By Marilyn Dumont

An excerpt from Marilyn Dumont's introduction to BEST CANADIAN POETRY 2020.

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Book Cover Book of Donair

The Donair: Canada's Official Food?

By Lindsay Wickstrom

Excerpt from BOOK OF DONAIR explores how a bitter rivalry between Halifax and Edmonton helped propel the donair to be de …

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Book Cover My Ocean is Blue

Notes From a Children's Librarian: Questions, Questions

By Julie Booker

Great picture books that engage with questions and encourage readers to think about answers.

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Book Cover Gutter Child

Most Anticipated: Our 2021 Spring Fiction Preview

By 49thShelf Staff

Exciting debuts, and new releases by Christy Ann Conlin, Pasha Malla, Eva Stachniak, Jael Richardson, and more.

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Book Cover Better Luck Next Time

Patriarchy Lies: Women Are Funny

By Kate Hilton

A funny woman reading list by the author of new novel Better Luck Next Time.

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 The Chat with Eve Lazarus

The Chat with Eve Lazarus

By Trevor Corkum

Eve Lazarus has drawn back the curtain on some of Vancouver’s secret places. Vancouver Exposed: Searching for the City …

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Avery Swartz on How to Win with Digital Marketing

Heads up, entrepreneurs! Want to learn how to find your customers online—and how they can find you? See You on the Internet: Building Your Small Business With Digital Marketing, by Avery Swartz, has the guidance and solutions you're looking for, presenting in a fun and inspiring read.

Today Swartz is talking to us about why digital marketing matters now, what she's learned from her own missteps, and special advice for publishers and authors looking to connect with readers. 


49thShelf: Digital marketing—no longer just a nice-to-have, but necessary to engage with customers while the world is still on lock-down. What do you think businesses need to know about digital marketing at this particular (and most peculiar) moment?

Avery Swartz: For so many business owners, establishing a digital presence (or improving the one you have) often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. It can be such a chore! But now, with the world turning to the internet, it’s become clear just how important that digital presence is. Many organizations are playing catch-up, or feeling like they’re behind and they can’t catch up. I promise you—you can.

It’s so easy to get lost in the details of digital marketing. The tools can be overwhelming. There are so many apps and services …

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