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Most Anticipated: Our Fall 2021 Books for Young Readers Preview

by 49thShelf Staff

New books by Andrew Larsen, Cherie Dimaline, Jo Ellen Bogart, Wab Kinew, Eric Walters, the Fan Brothers, and so much more great stuff.

Apocalypses, Quests, and Survival

by Angela Misri

A great list of books for middle-grade readers by author of new novel Trip of the Dead.

Most Anticipated: Our Books for Young Readers Preview

by 49thShelf Staff

Looking forward to some of the books for young readers (and readers of all ages) that we're going to be falling in love with in the first half of 2021. …

Kid Sterling: Books on Jazz and Justice

by Christine Welldon

Christine Welldon introduces her debut novel, Kid Sterling, and she marks its release with a list of inspiring books that addresses the problems of racism …

Two Amazing Books for Young Readers

by Kerry Clare

At a moment when so many of us are looking for inspiration and longing for visionary leadership, here are two extraordinary new releases.

Most Anticipated: Spring 2020 Books for Young Readers Preview

by 49thShelf Staff

We're excited to be looking ahead to books for young readers, including picture books, middle grade, and YA titles.

Picture Books We Loved in 2019

by 49th Shelf Staff

Picture books...they're not just for kids. They make perfect books for readers of all ages.


Most Anticipated: 2019 Books for Young Readers Preview

by 49th Shelf Staff

Whether kids are 4 or 14, there's a perfect book for them in this instalment of our fall preview.

Most Anticipated: Our 2019 Books for Young Readers Spring Preview

Last but certainly not least in our 2019 Spring Preview is our Books for Young Readers list: books that will delight readers of all ages. 

Most Anticipated: Our Fall 2018 Books for Young Readers Preview

It's all shaping up to be an amazing literary season. 

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