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Shelf Talkers: November 2023

by Robert J. Wiersema

It might just be me, but I want to put it out there—is time feeling increasingly slippery for anyone else? Like, somehow it’s late October, when yesterday …

Shelf Talkers: Summer 2023

by Rovert J. Wiersema

I have a confession to make: putting together this column four times a year is not only something I look forward to—it's also something I rely on.

I …

Shelf Talkers: Books to Usher Us into Summer!

by Robert J. Wiersema

There is a moment which comes around this time every year.

Curiously, we don’t know when it will come.

We don’t know what form it will take.

And, despite …

Shelf Talkers: Winter/Spring 2023

by Robert J. Wiersema

This really is the strangest time of year.

I went out for a walk yesterday afternoon – it was a gorgeous, early spring day. Clear skies, warm enough …

Shelf Talkers: Fall 2022

by Robert J. Wiersema

There’s a delightful chill to the air this morning, a soft burn in the nostrils as you inhale the smell of fallen leaves, the damp of rain on the horizon. …

Shelf Talkers: 15 Books to Keep You Going This Summer

by Robert J. Wiersema

Earlier this summer, I spent several weeks on the west coast of Newfoundland. This was not, strictly speaking, part of the plan. The plan was to visit …

Shelf Talkers Spring 2022

by Robert J. Wiersema

As I’m writing this, the rain is gently echoing on the roof above me. It’s a most welcome sound. It’s not that I’m a particular fan of the rain—though …

Shelf Talkers: Books to Keep the Light Streaming In

Six great picks from Canada's independent booksellers.

Shelf Talkers: Books to Buy for the Holidays

by Robert Wiersema

I know, I know – no one wants to talk about the problems with the supply chain. Either you’ve been completely overwhelmed with the information and …

Shelf Talkers: Brilliant Debuts and Award Winners to Read Right Now

by Rob Wiersema

Strip down, or swaddle up (I leave it up to you and whatever your current weather system is doing), and dig into these recommendations from independent …

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