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Red Letter Day Posts

Michelle Berry's Red Letter Day

Today it's Michelle Berry's Red Letter Day, where she gets to do anything and everything she wants, including buying great new Canadian books.

Aislinn Hunter's Red Letter Day

Aislinn Hunter's first novel, Stay, was made into a feature film starring Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black) and Aidan Quinn. She's back with …

Gary Barwin's Red Letter Day

Gary Barwin has trouble limiting his reads on his imagined perfect day, or for that matter, the ones he'd love to put into the hands of students just …

Elizabeth Renzetti's Red Letter Day

Elizabeth Renzetti's Red Letter Day involves new books, horse racing, and fish tacos!

Alexi Zentner's Red Letter Day

In today's Red Letter Day, Alexi Zentner, author of The Lobster Kings and Touch, picks books he wants to read as well as those he'd recommend for a student …

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer's Red Letter Day

In today's Red Letter Day, Katheryn Kuitenbrouer imagines a day of reading, laughing, and staring into space.

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Red Letter Day Picks

list by Kiley Turner

Eliza Robertson's Red Letter Day

Today it's Eliza Robertson's Red Letter Day. The Journey-Prize-nominated author has a new short story collection coming out soon, Wallflowers, and has …

Stephanie Domet's Red Letter Day

It's Red Letter Day, and this week, Stephanie Domet gives us her book picks, some serious food cravings, and a reminder of how awesome The Weakerthans …

Jon Paul Fiorentino's Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day is a new 49th Shelf series where Canadian authors tell contributing editor George Murray about a dream day where all pleasures are possible, …