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Newfoundland Posts

Power of Place

by Christine Higdon

A recommended reading list from the author of Gin, Turpentine, Pennyroyal, Rue.

8 Books That Made Me Want to Be a Poet

by Maggie Burton

A recommended reading list by the author of the new poetry collection Chores.

Fierce and Fragile Creatures

by Shelly Kawaja

A recommended reading list by the author of The Raw Light of Morning.

Newfoundland Writers: The New Wave

by Terry Doyle

"This is the present and the future of writing in Newfoundland, and I am humbled to consider myself among this crew."

Bodies in Trouble

by Diane Carley

A recommended reading list by the author of the new book Bodies in Trouble.

Struggling Through Pandemonium

by Donna Morrissey

Donna Morrissey's legions of fans have been drawn for years to her novels, including Sylvanus Now and Kit's Law. Her latest book is Pluck, "A memoir of …

Aimee Wall on The Great Canadian Abortion Novel

by Kerry Clare

"I didn’t want the plot to turn on an abortion or the decision to have one. Any conflict or tension is rooted elsewhere."

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Reader

by Damhnait Monaghan

An expat reading list by the author of new book New Girl in Little Cove

The Chat with Eva Crocker

by Trevor Corkum

This week we’re in conversation with author Eva Crocker. Her debut novel, All I Ask, (House of Anansi Press) was published to rave reviews last year …

Summer Eats: Banana Ice Cream, from ISLAND VEGAN

by Marian Frances White

Marian Frances White's recipe for banana ice cream—from award-winning cookbook Island Vegan—checks all the boxes, and is just the treat for summer. …

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