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Griffin Poetry Prize Posts

Griffin Poetry Prize Roundtable 2023

by Trevor Corkum

We had a chance to chat this year with the three Canadians who make an appearance on this year’s Griffin Poetry Prize longlist. Visit our friends at …

The Chat: Griffin Poetry Prize Roundtable 2022

by Trevor Corkum

We’re so pleased to once again partner with our friends at the Griffin Poetry Prize to spotlight each of this year’s Canadian finalists in a special …

The Chat: 2018 Griffin Poetry Prize Roundtable

In honour of all things Griffin, this week’s Chat is a conversation with the three 2018 Canadian Griffin Prize finalists—Billy-Ray Belcourt, Aisha …

3 books

2018 Griffin Poetry Prize Shortlist

list by Kerry Clare

The Chat: A Griffin Poetry Prize Special With Canadian Finalist Jordan Abel

The next installment of our 2017 Griffin Poetry Prize special edition of The Chat features our conversation with Jordan Abel, author of the collection …

The Chat: A Griffin Poetry Prize Special With Canadian Finalist Hoa Nguyen

We are delighted to partner with the Griffin Prize in celebrating the three Canadian finalists over the next week. First up is Hoa Nguyen, author of Violet …

11 books

Griffin Poetry Prize Winners: 2006-2016

list by Kiley Turner

The Interruption With Russell Thornton

Today Sean Cranbury chats with Russell Thornton, whose book of poems, The Hundred Lives, has been shortlisted for the 2015 Poetry Prize.

The Interruption With Shane Book

We're pleased to feature an interview with Shane Book, award-winning poet and filmmaker. Shane is a finalist for the 2015 Griffin Poetry Prize, and in …

The Interruption With Jane Munro

The first in a series of Interruptions with Griffin Poetry Prize finalists!

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