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"These so-called badly behaved female protagonists had me rooting for them all the way to the end."

Logo Bookstore Day

Canadian Independent Bookstore Day is happening April 28—a day for Canadians to get out into the community and celebrate the unique intersection of art, culture, business and opportunity that bookst …

Book Cover Between Breaths

Fantastic books for readers of all ages and across genres, about nature, ecology, and conservation. 

The Chat With Jessica Westhead

Jessica Westhead has an uncanny ability to combine humour and despair in her writing. In her latest collection, Things Not to Do, we meet folks at the end of their rope who still manage to unearth wry …

Book Cover The Honey Farm

It seems that Canadian literature is rife with stories of isolated characters and their slow creeping madnesses. And yes, some of them do end up engaging in intimate relations with bears...

Book Cover Yes or Nope

A totally scientific list of the funniest poets in all of Canada.

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Indie booksellers from coast to coast tell us the books they can't stop recommending to their customers

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Great writers from across the country sit down with us to talk about their books, and the stories behind them

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Authors and avid readers in the know love up their favourite Canadian reads

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By Kerry Clare

We spotlight books generating buzz all over the web, and beyond


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