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category: Nature
published: Oct 2009

The Green Chain

Nothing is Ever Clear Cut

by Mark Leiren-Young

reviews: 1

The Green Chain looks at the past, present and future of forestry through interviews with environmentalists, loggers, scientists and others. Raw log exports, environmental devastation, making a living . . . all are discussed in this exploration of the problems facing our forests, and the possible solutions.


It's an emotional topic, especially in British Columbia, where Greenpeace and the Raging Grannies were born but where the economy has been fuelled largely by forestry. Both the logging industry and the environmental movement are facing unprecedented challenges, and the world is watching to see how BC and Canada respond.


Mark discusses the topic with 22 eloquent, knowledgeable and passionate people, including:

  • ForestEthics and PowerUP Canada founder Tzeporah Berman;
  • activist Severn Cullis-Suzuki;
  • author John Vaillant (The Golden Spruce);
  • former Greenpeace executive and Greenspirit founder Dr. Patrick Moore;
  • poet laureate and former logger George Bowering;
  • Forest Products Association of Canada president and CEO Avrim Lazar;
  • union spokesman Wade Fisher;
  • documentary filmmaker Velcrow Ripper (Fierce Light).

The book also includes the screenplay for Leiren-Young's award-winning film The Green Chain.

About the Author
Mark Leiren-Young is the author of the bestselling Never Shoot a Stampede Queen (Heritage House, 2009), winner of the 2009 Leacock Medal for Humour. Mark's other books are The Green Chain (Heritage House, 2011) and This Crazy Time (Knopf Canada, 2012), written with Canadian environmentalist, Tzeporah Berman. His stage plays have been produced throughout Canada and the US and have also been seen in Europe and Australia. As a journalist he has written for such publications as TIME, Maclean's, Utne Reader and the Walrus and he's currently working as the theatre critic for the Vancouver Sun. Mark
lives in Vancouver, BC.
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Editorial Reviews

Leiren-Young's profiles of activists, loggers and politicians give readers true insight into the complex world of forestry. —Vanessa Farquharson, author of Sleeping Naked is Green

All change starts with conversations, and right now the world needs a lot more of them. The Green Chain book will spark a lot of important conversations about the future of forests and forestry —Leif Utne, journalist, activist

In this fascinating book Mark talks to people in both the industry and the environmental movement with a curiosity that brings out the true essence of forestry. —Bill Tieleman, 24 Hours

Through the most subtle, yet powerful form of social commentary—letting people speak for themselves—Leiren-Young weaves an informative, and at times moving, narrative that will inspire thought and action. —Joel Bakan, author of The Corporation

Reader Reviews

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Association of Book Publishers of BC
Librarian review

The Green Chain: Nothing is Ever Clear Cut

This book is based upon 22 interviews the author conducted with individuals associated with forestry in BC. He speaks to Avrin Lazer, president and CEO of the Forest Products Association of Canada; scientist Dr. Richard Hebda; Squamish Chief Bill Williams; activist Severn CullisSuzuki; and mill worker Tom McPhee, among others. He asks questions such as “How do you feel about trees?” and “What would you do if you were in charge of BC’s forests?” All show a passion and love for BC’s forests and all offer solutions to challenges such as logging old growth forests, pine beetle devastation, exporting raw logs and clear-cutting. The book suggests that with a collective effort, BC’s forests can be protected along with many industry jobs. The original screenplay of his award-winning film The Green Chain is included.

Leiren-Young won the 2009 Leacock Medal for Humour for Never Shoot a Stampede Queen.

Source: The Association of Book Publishers of BC. BC Books for BC Schools. 2010-2011.

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