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As winter turns to spring, Canadian readers will be celebrating books and reading at these Chafabulous fests.

Book Cover Forensics Squad Unleashed

"On Our Radar" is a monthly 49th Shelf series featuring books with buzz worth sharing.

Shelf Talkers: May 2016

Is it spring where you are, or summer ... or more of a mishmash of weather?

With the sheer size of this country, and the vicissitudes of climate change, it’s tough to get a handle on the change of se …

Book Cover Blood Red Summer

We talk with Wayne Arthurson, Steve Burrows, Hilary Davidson, Dieter Kalteis, Ausma Zehanant Khan, Suzanne Kingsmill, Janice MacDonald, and R.J. McMillen.

Book Cover Do You Think This is Strange

...or "Books by Canadian Authors Who Are All So Horribly Good at What They Do That They Are Now Discouraging People from Picking Up the Pen, Just Like How Everyone Stopped Going to the Moon After Neil …

The Recommend: May 2016

Most of the books we read are the result of one thing: someone we know, trust, and/or admire tells us it's great. That's why we run this series, The Recommend, where readers, writers, reviewers, blogg …

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We spotlight books generating buzz all over the web, and beyond


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