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Shelf Talkers is a monthly series where independent booksellers across Canada tell us about a book they would put (and are putting!) in everyone's hands, it is that good.

Shelf Talkers: Books to Make Our Groundhog Day Existence More Wonderful

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I’ve always been a big fan of Groundhog Day. Not the weird annual meteorological marmot celebration (I can never keep track of what happens if the groundhog sees his shadow, or not), but the weirdly charming Harold Ramis movie, featuring Bill Murray at his Bill Murray best, living through the same day, over and over, with no release on the horizon.

The movie is a lot less charming, though, now that we’re all having the same experience. A lot less charm. A lot less good humour. A lot more Zoom.

But here we are, almost a year into what many of us have come to call “how we live now” (AKA “our weird new times” or “all THIS”). We’ve mostly adjusted to our curtailed existences, our limited horizons, our close quarters. And it seems somewhat petty to complain, so long as we have our health, and we are able to put food on the table. (Okay, it’s a TV table—let’s not try to kid anyone here.)

So, instead of complaining, let’s talk about a small, good thing.

If you guessed “books,” you get a sticker.

Honestly, though, books are among the things that have helped most in the last months of weirdness and isolation. Worlds to explore, stories to escape into, journeys to un …

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Shelf Talkers for May 2014

When you’re considering adjectives to describe Canada’s independent booksellers, “eclectic” has to be near the top of the list. And this month’s installment of Shelf Talkers reflects that, with cookbooks, kids books, fiction and fantasy and more from booksellers from across the country.



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Shelf Talkers for April 2014: A New Series by Robert J. Wiersema


To paraphrase an old cliché: you can find any book online; you need a bookseller to find the right one.

One of the great joys of life as a bookseller is the relationships you build with readers in your community. These people are more than customers, something different from friends …

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