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Shelf Talkers is a monthly series where independent booksellers across Canada tell us about a book they would put (and are putting!) in everyone's hands, it is that good.

Shelf Talkers: Indie Booksellers Get Us Through the End of the Year

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Oh, 2020.

It seems somehow strange to think that we can resent an entire year. However, 2020 has been a year like no other, and I suspect most of us are going to be giving a cheer when it's behind us.

But let’s not throw out the good with the bad, shall we? There have been bright spots, among which is a surplus of amazing books. A plethora, in fact.

To mark the passing of the year, we’ve gathered the independent booksellers of the Shelf Talkers fellowship – the strong! The proud! The bookish! – to tell us about some of their favourite reads. And hey—click on their links to order right from them!

Finally, a toast for the passing of the year: to books, and to finding light in the darkness.

See you next year.


The Bookseller: Mitzi M. Stone, Mulberry Bush Book Store (Parksville, BC)

The Pick: Crow, by Amy Spurway

Set in Cape Breton and filled with characters who charm and dismay you, this is a book that knocks you to the ground, then lifts you right back up again! You …

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Shelf Talkers for April 2014: A New Series by Robert J. Wiersema


To paraphrase an old cliché: you can find any book online; you need a bookseller to find the right one.

One of the great joys of life as a bookseller is the relationships you build with readers in your community. These people are more than customers, something different from friends …

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