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Read Local Map FAQs

What are the criteria for adding a book?

  • The book has to be either set in a place or about a place.
  • Both fiction and non-fiction are welcome.
  • The author’s hometown is not a criterion for its being pinned to a location.
  • A book can be entered only once on the map; search the book before you try to add it to see if it’s already on the map.
  • Even if a book has several Canadian places within it, it can only be pinned to one place; choose the one place that seems most important to you.

I tried to add a book. I searched by author and keyword and got nothing …
At this stage, you can search only by book title. We are working on expanded search capabilities for a future release of the map.

I searched by book title and didn’t get anything …
Did you check below the map? That’s where search results appear, so try scrolling down.

What is the easiest way to pin my book?
The easiest way—in terms of how much time you spend doing it—is to pin a book to a province. The pro is your book’s placement will be easy and accurate; the con is it may be less specific than you would like it to be.

My pin isn’t appearing where I wanted it to go. What went wrong and how can I fix it?
Just use the “flag” control on the panel for your book (this is the little link that appears to right of the Twitter, Facebook, and other share tools on the book panel) to let us know that it’s in the wrong place and needs to be moved. One of our editors will reposition it for you.

The map’s all zoomed out and I can’t see what I’m supposed to be doing. What’s wrong?
Two possibilities here:

  1. Use the zoom tools on the left of the map to reduce any expansion you've got going on.
  2. Click RESET MAP in the controls on the right-hand column. This will bring you back to the original map you started with. You will lose the trail you’ve started but you can recreate it very quickly.

What do the numbers mean on the book icons/pins?
They count the number of books currently pinned to that location. They change depending on how much you zoom in (e.g., as you zoom in, the number of book icons will increase and the number on each will decrease). We did it that way so the map doesn’t get too cluttered.