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Book of Donair

Book of Donair

Everything you wanted to know about the Halifax street food that became Canada's favourite kebab
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Whether you call them gyros, kebabs, doner or donairs, this guide tells you everything you want to know about the history of the world-famous street food.

Book of Donair: Everything you want to know about Nova Scotia's unofficial food, is the definitive guide to this much beloved delicacy. In Book of Donair, Lindsay Wickstrom explores the history of the donair, and the people who shaped this Halifax-born kebab into the iconic Canadian street food it has become.

Donairs were originally not for the lucky-in-love, but the recourse of the degenerate. They were the butt of toilet humour, the scapegoat of indigestion. The mystery meat with the secret sauce was wrapped in urban legend. It was so commonplace that we took it for granted, no more significant than hamburgers or spaghetti.

We didn't realize that it was ours. It wasn't until we made westward pilgrimages to Ontario or Alberta for school or work that the donair became a symbol of "home." Book of Donair has everything you want to know about donairs—and were going to ask anyway.

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