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David Watmough

David Watmough is the author of a cycle of fictions that features gay "everyman" Davey Bryant, who has appeared in twelve volumes, including No More into the Garden (1978), Unruly Skeletons (1982), The Year of Fears (1987), The Time of Kingfishers (1994), and Hunting With Diana (1996). Watmough is also a playwright, short-story writer, critic, broa …

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Tom Walmsley

Books: 7

Tom Walmsley won the first Three Day Novel contest in 1979 with his novel Doctor Tin; its sequel, Shades, which also contained the original novel, was published in 1992. His novel Kid Stuff was published in 2003. He's also the author of the poetry collections Lexington Hero and Rabies, the plays The Jones Boy, Blood, and Something Red, and the scre …

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Gerry William

Gerry William has a BA in English Literature and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies. He is a poet, essayist and the author of The Black Ship: Book One of Enid Blue Starbreaks, the first science fiction novel written by a Canadian First Nations author. William is Associate Dean at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology and lives in Merritt, BC.

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Mary F. Hawkins

Books: 2

Mary F. Hawkins has been an author on medicine and health communications, a health-care columnist, a University of Ottawa Communications Lecturer since 1998, and a photojournalist, as well as working in the media as a producer, broadcast researcher, and sometimes on-air. She has been an extensive public speaker and commentator. She lives in Ottawa.

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Patrice Dutil

Patrice Dutil is professor of politics and public administration at Ryerson University. His publications include Canada 1911 and Devilâ??s Advocate. A frequent media commentator on Canadian affairs, he is the president of the Champlain Society and the founder of The Literary Review of Canada. He lives in Toronto.

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Terry Watada

Books: 15

Terry Watada is the author of numerous books of history, fiction, and poetry, including Daruma Days, Ten Thousand Views of Rain, Seeing the Invisible, and Bukkyo Tozen: A History of Buddhism in Canada. His latest poetry book is Obon: The Festival Of the Dead. He lives in Toronto.

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