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Wilfrid Laurier University Press

Books from this publisher

The War Diaries of General David Watson

by (author) Geoffrey Jackson


The Poetry of Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

by (author) Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm
edited by Dallas Hunt

Make the World New

The Poetry of Lillian Allen

by (author) Lillian Allen
edited by Ronald Cummings

Current, Climate

The Poetry of Rita Wong

by (author) Rita Wong
edited by Nicholas Bradley

Laurier Poetry Pack #5

by (author) Dionne Brand, Paul Dutton, Gary Barwin, Al Purdy, Fred Wah & Louise Bernice Halfe
edited by Leslie C. Sanders, Robert Budde, Louis Cabri & David Gaertner

Boom Kids

Growing Up in the Calgary Suburbs, 1950-1970

by (author) James A. Onusko

Multispecies Modernity

Disorderly Life in Postcolonial Literature

by (author) Sundhya Walther

Prison Life Writing

Conversion and the Literary Roots of the U.S. Prison System

by (author) Simon Rolston

The Queer Evangelist

A Socialist Clergy's Radically Honest Tale

by (author) Cheri DiNovo
foreword by Kathleen Wynne

On the Other Side(s) of 150

Untold Stories and Critical Approaches to History, Literature, and Identity in Canada

edited by Linda M. Morra & Sarah Henzi

Moving Together

Dance and Pluralism in Canada

edited by Allana C. Lindgren, Batia Boe Stolar & Clara Sacchetti

Community Music at the Boundaries

edited by Lee Willingham


Stories and Lessons from the Halifax Explosion

by (author) T. Joseph Scanlon
edited by Roger Sarty

mahikan ka onot

The Poetry of Duncan Mercredi

by (author) Duncan Mercredi
edited by Warren Cariou

I Am a Damn Savage; What Have You Done to My Country? / Eukuan nin matshi-manitu innushkueu; Tanite nene etutamin nitassi?

by (author) An Antane Kapesh
translated by Sarah Henzi


A Life of Timothy Findley

by (author) Sherrill Grace

Cinema of Pain

On Quebec's Nostalgic Screen

edited by Liz Czach & André Loiselle

Literatures, Communities, and Learning

Conversations with Indigenous Writers

by (author) Aubrey Jean Hanson

Law, Freedom and Story

The Role of Narrative in Therapy, Society and Faith

by (author) John C. Hoffman

A Question of Commitment

The Status of Children in Canada, second edition

edited by Thomas Waldock
foreword by R. Brian Howe & Katherine Covell

Her Own Person

The Life of Mary Quayle Innis

by (author) Anne Innis Dagg


Canadian Women and the Rise of Celebrity Autobiography

by (author) Katja Lee

The Black Prairie Archives

An Anthology

edited by Karina Vernon

Rough and Plenty

A Memorial

by (author) Raymond A. Rogers

Evangelical Balance Sheet

Character, Family, and Business in Mid-Victorian Nova Scotia

by (author) B. Anne Wood

Moving Archives

edited by Linda M. Morra


Indigenous Responses

edited by Hartmut Lutz, Florentine Strzelczyk & Renae Watchman

Laurier Poetry Pack #4

Wilfrid Laurier University Press

edited by Robert Budde, Leslie C. Sanders, Gary Barwin, Louis Cabri & Heather Milne
by (author) Al Purdy, Dionne Brand, Paul Dutton, Fred Wah & Rachel Zolf

The Next Instalment

Serials, Sequels, and Adaptations of Nellie L. McClung, L.M. Montgomery, and Mazo de la Roche

by (author) Wendy Roy

This Is Not a Hoax

Unsettling Truth in Canadian Culture

by (author) Heather Jessup

The Wartime Letters of Leslie and Cecil Frost, 1915-1919

edited by R.B. Fleming

Antonin Artaud’s Alternate Genealogies

Self-Portraits and Family Romances

by (author) John C. Stout

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