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The University of Alberta Press

Books from this publisher

Indigenous Women and Street Gangs

Survivance Narratives

by (author) Amber, Bev, Chantel, Jazmyne, Faith, Jorgina & Robert Henry


Women Writing After Concussion

edited by E.D. Morin & Jane Cawthorne

Ethics for the Practice of Psychology in Canada, Third Edition

by (author) Derek Truscott & Kenneth H. Crook

Light the Road of Freedom

by (author) Sahbaa Al-Barbari
edited by Ghada Ageel & Barbara Bill
foreword by Ramzy Baroud

Appealing Because He Is Appalling

Black Masculinities, Colonialism, and Erotic Racism

edited by Tamari Kitossa
foreword by Tommy J. Curry

You Look Good for Your Age

An Anthology

edited by Rona Altrows

The Bad Wife

by (author) Micheline Maylor

Gospel Drunk

by (author) Aidan Chafe


by (author) Jennifer Bowering Delisle

A Short History of the Blockade

Giant Beavers, Diplomacy, and Regeneration in Nishnaabewin

by (author) Leanne Betasamosake Simpson
introduction by Jordan Abel

All the Feels / Tous les sens

Affect and Writing in Canada / Affect et écriture au Canada

edited by Marie Carrière, Ursula Mathis-Moser & Kit Dobson
contributions by Nicole Brossard, Matthew Cormier, Nicoletta Dolce, Louise Dupré, Margery Fee, Ana María Fraile-Marcos, Smaro Kamboureli, Aaron Kreuter, Daniel Laforest, Carmen Mata Barreiro, Heather Milne, Eric Schmaltz, Maïté Snauwaert & Jeanette Toonder

Our Whole Gwich’in Way of Life Has Changed / Gwich’in K’yuu Gwiidanda'i’ Tthak Ejuk Go'onlih

Stories from the People of the Land

by (author) Leslie McCartney & Gwich'in Tribal Council
foreword by Jordan Peterson
contributions by Antoine Andre, Caroline Andre, Hyacinthe Andre, Annie Benoit, Pierre Benoit, Sarah Bonnetplume, Marka Bullock, Lydia Alexie Elias, Mary Martha Firth, Sarah Ann Gardlund, Elizabeth Greenland, Violet Therese Jerome, Peter Kay, Mary Rose Kendi, Ruby Anne McLeod, Catherine Martha Mitchell, Eunice Mitchell, Joan Ross Nazon, Annie Moses Norbert, Alfred Semple, Sarah Simon, Ellen Catherine Vittrekwa & Jim Julius Vittrekwa

A White Lie

by (author) Madeeha Hafez Albatta
edited by Barbara Bill & Ghada Ageel
foreword by Salman Abu Sitta

Dissonant Methods

Undoing Discipline in the Humanities Classroom

edited by Ada S. Jaarsma & Kit Dobson
contributions by Kathy Cawsey, Rachel Jones, Kyle Kinaschuk, Namrata Mitra, Guy Obrecht, Katja K. Pettinen, Kaitlin Rothberger, Ely Shipley & Martin Shuster

Fields of Light and Stone

by (author) Angeline Schellenberg

To float, to drown, to close up, to open

by (author) E. Alex Pierce

I Am Still Your Negro

An Homage to James Baldwin

by (author) Valerie Mason-John
foreword by George Elliott Clarke

An Autobiography of the Autobiography of Reading

by (author) Dionne Brand

Masters and Servants

The Hudson’s Bay Company and Its North American Workforce, 1668–1786

by (author) Scott P. Stephen

Knowings and Knots

Methodologies and Ecologies in Research-Creation

edited by Natalie Loveless
contributions by Carolina Cambre, Owen Chapman, Paul Couillard, T.L. Cowan, John Cussans, Randy Lee Cutler, Petra Hroch, Rachelle Viader Knowles, Glen Lowry, Erin Manning, Sourayan Mookerjea, Natasha Myers, Simon Pope, Stephanie Springgay & Sarah E. Truman

Wisdom Engaged

Traditional Knowledge for Northern Community Well-Being

edited by Leslie Main Johnson
contributions by Alestine Andre, Janelle Marie Baker, Robert Beaulieu, Della M. Cheney, Mida Donnessey, Mabel English, Christopher Fletcher, Fort McKay Berry Group, Annie B. Gordon, Celina Harpe, Thea Luig, Art Mathews, Linda G. McDonald, Ruby E. Morgan, Bernice Neyelle, Morris Neyelle, Keiichi Omura, Evelyn Storr, Mary Teya, Nancy J. Turner, Walter Vanast & Darlene Vegh
series edited by Earle H. Waugh

The Flying Zoo

Birds, Parasites, and the World They Share

by (author) Michael Stock

Power Play

Professional Hockey and the Politics of Urban Development

by (author) Jay Scherer, David Mills & Linda Sloan McCulloch
foreword by Richard Gruneau

Reflections on Malcolm Forsyth

edited by Mary I. Ingraham & Robert C. Rival
contributions by Tommy Banks, Allan Gordon Bell, Nora Bumanis, Robin Elliott, Amanda Forsyth, Valerie Forsyth, Allan Gilliland, Carl Hare, Edward Jurkowski, Ryan McClelland, John McPherson, Fordyce C. (Duke) Pier, Roxane Prevost, Kathy Primos, Tanya Prochazka, Leonard Ratzlaff, Rayfield Rideout, Julia Shaw, Dale Sorensen & Christopher Taylor

Feminist Acts

Branching Out Magazine and the Making of Canadian Feminism

by (author) Tessa Jordan
foreword by Eleanor Wachtel

Writing Beyond the End Times? / Écrire au-delà de la fin des temps “

The Literatures of Canada and Quebec / Les littératures au Canada et au Québec

edited by Ursula Mathis-Moser & Marie Carrière
contributions by David Boucher, Nicole Côté, Piet Defraeye, Nicoletta Dolce, Danielle Dumontet, Ana María Fraile-Marcos, Marion Kühn, Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink, Carmen Mata Barreiro, Dunja M. Mohr, Émilie Notard, Daniel Poitras, Véronique Porra, Srilata Ravi & Marion Christina Rohrleitner

The Man Who Lived with a Giant

Stories from Johnny Neyelle, Dene Elder

edited by Alana Fletcher & Morris Neyelle

Art-Medicine Collaborative Practice

Transforming the Experience of Head and Neck Cancer

edited by Pamela Brett-MacLean & Lianne McTavish
contributions by Ingrid Bachmann, Sean Caulfield, Kimberly Flowers, Jude Griebel, Bahaa Harmouche, Jill Ho-You, Heather Huston, Bernie Krewski, Suresh Nayar, Bradley Necyk, Leslie O'Connor-Parsons, Kyle Terrence, Helen Vallianatos & Minn N. Yoon

Indigenous Education

New Directions in Theory and Practice

edited by Huia Tomlins-Jahnke, Sandra D. Styres, Spencer Lilley & Dawn Zinga
foreword by Linda Tuhiwai Smith
contributions by Jill Bevan-Brown, Frank Deer, Wiremu Doherty, Dwayne Donald, Ngarewa Hawera, Margie Hohepa, Robert Jahnke, Patricia Maringi G. Johnston, Daniel Lipe, Margaret J. Maaka, Angela Nardozi, Katrina-Ann R. Kapa?anaokalaokeola Nakoa Oliveira, Wally Penetito, Michelle Pidgeon, Leonie Pihama, Jean-Paul Restoule, Mari Ropata-Te Hei, Sam L. No‘eau Warner & K. Laiana Wong

Tiny Lights for Travellers

by (author) Naomi K. Lewis

There Are Not Enough Sad Songs

by (author) Marita Dachsel

Government Information in Canada

Access and Stewardship

edited by Amanda Wakaruk & Sam-chin Li
contributions by Graeme John Campbell, Talia Chung, Sandra Lynn Craig, Peter Alexander Ellinger, Darlene Marie Fichter, Michelle Andrea Lake, Stephen Bryant Marks, Maureen Elizabeth Martyn, Catherine Elizabeth McGoveran, Martha Murphy, Danica Josephina Pahulje, Susan Louise Paterson, Carol Marie Perry, Denise Caron Rollins, Gregory Clive Salmers, Tom J. Smyth, Brian Edward Tobin & Nicholas John Worby

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