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Anvil Press Publishers

Books from this publisher

Hearts Amok

A Memoir in Verse

by (author) Kevin Spenst

Pineapple Express

by (author) Evelyn Lau

The Headless Man

by (author) Peter Dube

Rain City

Vancouver Essays

by (author) John Moore

Land of Destiny

by (author) Jesse Donaldson

Float and Scurry

by (author) Heather Birrell

Bounce House

by (author) Jennica Harper

Skin House

by (author) Michael Blouin

A Mysterious Humming Noise

by (author) Howard White

I Could Have Pretended to Be Better Than You

New and Selected Poems

by (author) Jay MillAr
introduction by Tim Conley

The Inflatable Life

by (author) Mark Laba

Motel of the Opposable Thumbs

by (author) Stuart Ross

His Little Douchebag & Other Stories

by (author) Lisa Pike

The Second Detective

by (author) Shannon Mullally

Trauma Head

by (author) Elee Kraljii Gardiner

On the Count of None

by (author) Allison Chisholm

The Knockoff Eclipse

by (author) Melissa Bull

Slinky Naive

by (author) Caroline Szpak


by (author) Hilary Peach

Straight Circles

by (author) Jackie Bateman

I Heard Something

by (author) Jaime Forsythe


by (author) Jen Currin

Atomic Road

by (author) Grant Buday
introduction by John O'Brian

The Least You Can Do Is Be Magnificent

Selected and New Writings

by (author) Steve Venright


Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food

edited by Rachel Rose

The Three Pleasures

by (author) Terry Watada

Long Ride Yellow

by (author) Martin West

You Are Not Needed Now

by (author) Annette Lapointe

A Temporary Stranger

by (author) Jamie Reid

Escape from Wreck City

by (author) John Creary

The Encyclopedia of Lies

by (author) Christopher Gudgeon

Bad Engine

New & Selected Poems

by (author) Michael Dennis

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