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Anvil Press Publishers

Books from this publisher

The Fed Anthology

Brand New Fiction and Poetry from the Federation of BC Writers

edited by Susan Musgrave


by (author) Heather Haley

Intensive Care

A Memoir

by (author) Alan Twigg


A Social Documentary

by (author) Clarkes Lincoln & Hodgson Barbara

Rattlesnake Plantain

by (author) Heidi Greco

Toilet Paper, A

A treatise on four fundamental words referring to gaseous and solid wastes together with their point of origin

by (author) Rachel Mines

Exact Fare Only

Good, Bad and Ugly Rides on Public Transit

edited by Grant Buday

Bogman's Music

by (author) Tammy Armstrong


by (author) Mark Leiren-Young

Swing in the Hollow

by (author) Ryan Knighton

Articles of Faith

The Battle of St. Alban's

by (author) Mark Leiren-Young

Door is Open, The

by (author) Bart Campbell

Red Mango

A Blues Monologue

by (author) Charles Tidler

The Inanimate World

by (author) Robert Strandquist

Full Magpie Dodge

by (author) Lyle Neff


by (author) Judy MacInnes Jr.


by (author) Bonnie Bowman

Ruby, Ruby

by (author) Bradley Harris

White Lung

by (author) Grant Buday


a Novel

by (author) Jodi Lundgren

Under the Abdominal Wall

by (author) Sharon McCartney

Where Words Like Monarchs Fly

A Cross-Generational Anthology of Mexican Poets in Translation

edited by George McWhirter
by (author) Veronika Volkow & Victor Manuel Mendiola

Dry Shave

illustrated by Rod Filbrandt

Gas Tank & Other Stories

by (author) Dennis Bolen

The Underwood

by (author) P.G. Tarr

Sub-Rosa & Other Fiction

by (author) Catherine Bennett

Ivanhoe Station

by (author) Lyle Neff

Sound of Whales

by (author) David Charles Maclean

Body Speaking Words

by (author) Loree Harrell
illustrated by Nicky Rickard

Lonesome Monsters

by (author) Bud Osborn

Stolen Voices/Vacant Rooms

by (author) Steve Lundin & Mitchell Parry

Siren Tattoo

a poetry triptych

by (author) Heidi Greco, Isabella Legosi Mori & Angela McIntyre

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