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Change Your Life!
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Change Your Life!

By 49thShelf
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Maybe 2021 will be your year, or at least the year that you finally start DOING some of those things you've been talking about doing. These are great books to give you inspiration. Some of these books are out now and others are coming up this spring.
Train (Your Brain) Like an Olympian

Train (Your Brain) Like an Olympian

Gold Medal Techniques to Unleash Your Potential at Work
also available: eBook


The global pandemic has completely disrupted how, where, and when we work and added tremendous pressure to individuals and their families. Learn how to refocus and achieve your full potential from one of the world’s top mental performance coaches. In Train (Your Brain) Like an Olympian, Jean François Ménard provides the skills necessary to:

  • Remain focused in the face of distractions
  • Overcome negative self-talk and replace it with a constructive mindset
  • Recover quickly and learn from se …
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Introduction: A High Performer in the Making


Have no fear, dear reader! This isn’t about racing up the twenty-two floors of your office building or doing five sets of a hundred push-ups at your workstation. Being a corporate Olympian* is less painful but can be just as gratifying as being an Olympic athlete performing in front of a global audience.

The goal here is to transfer the mental training strategies that allow an Olympian to perform at any given time — whatever the circumstances — to your working life.

“Performance” is a concept that is often misunderstood and usually associated with a performer who is exceptional in their field. The goal of Train Your Brain Like an Olympian is not to make you the best in the world in your field, but to offer you ways to improve, period.

But why is it important to learn how to perform better?

Well, in the whirlwind of everyday life, we rarely stop to think about it, yet, for better or worse, we’re called upon to excel, just like an Olympian.

We all have to perform, whether we’re nurses, clerks, teachers, police officers, project managers, or parents, and we all have people who expect something from us, including bosses, customers, shareholders, bankers, colleagues, and children. The same principle applies to high-level athletes who have to meet the expectations of their coach, their federation, their sponsors, and, ultimately, their country. So, without realizing it, you, too, need to perform, just like an Olympian.

We said it right from the start: it’s not about training your body like an Olympian, although a growing number of professionals find physical exercise, such as running or cycling, to be an effective antidote to stress. Instead, the book will focus on an aspect that both elite athletes and office workers need to perform optimally: mental training.

* Although the term “Olympian” normally refers to the gods of Greek mythology living in Olympia, we’ve decided to use it in this book to only describe high-level athletes who compete in the Olympic Games.


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Changing Your Life, Your Career, Your Future
also available: Hardcover Paperback

Do you want or need to change your life, but aren’t sure where to start—or whether you have what it takes?

At fifty-seven, Arlene Dickinson’s life was turned upside down. Her company was on the brink of disaster. Her sense of herself as a strong, confident leader was in tatters. She was overwhelmed by feelings of loss, fear, and shame. Five years later, her business is booming, she’s never been happier or more excited about the future, and she’s raised tens of millions of dollars and bu …

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Stop Hiding and Start Living

Stop Hiding and Start Living

How to Say F-it to Fear and Develop Mental Fitness
tagged : happiness

Take charge of your own happiness with a proven method to build your mental fitness and focus on what matters.

Why do some of us bounce back after stresses and failures, while others struggle to pull through? It's not about natural resilience. It's that those who are able to move confidently through setbacks have developed good coping skills - and you can, too.

In this interactive guide, mental health expert Dr. Bill Howatt presents a proven five-part model to move you past the rut in your life an …

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Everyday Legacy

Everyday Legacy

Lessons for Living With Purpose, Right Now

What if your legacy isn't what you leave behind, but something you create, every day of your life?

What if you started acting the way you want to be remembered - right now - and shared your unique gifts with the world? In Everyday Legacy, Codi Shewan inspires readers to redefine how they live and embrace the idea of living - not leaving - a legacy. His message is simple, yet powerful: In each moment, you have the ability to change yourself and those around you, in profound ways.

This book is for a …

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