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2019 Saskatchewan Books Awards Winners
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2019 Saskatchewan Books Awards Winners

By 49thShelf
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Celebrating the best of Saskatchewan books and writers
Prairie Fairies

Prairie Fairies

A History of Queer Communities and People in Western Canada, 1930-1985
also available: Paperback Hardcover

Prairie Fairies draws upon a wealth of oral, archival, and cultural histories to recover the experiences of queer urban and rural people in the prairies. Focusing on five major urban centres, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, and Calgary, Prairie Fairies explores the regional experiences and activism of queer men and women by looking at the community centres, newsletters, magazines, and organizations that they created from 1930 to 1985.

Challenging the preconceived narratives of queer histo …

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The Small Things that End the World

The Small Things that End the World

also available: eBook

From the Giller-longlisted author of The Factory Voice comes a new novel in a similar vein - a story of the strength and resilience of three separate women, who, at three different points in history, are forced to make tough decisions and come face-to-face with calamities outside of their control.

It's 1954 and young Sadie Wilder gets her big break at last - a chance to babysit for the posh Bannister family whose regular babysitter, Wanda Keeler, is down with the mumps. Sadie is certain she can d …

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also available: eBook

James Trettwer’s inter-linked collection of stories, Thorn-Field, dissects small-town life and probes into complications of those who live there. The fictional town of Liverwood’s main employer is the potash mine that seems to arc over the town and everything people do. With a novel-like persistence to detail, Trettwer’s stories observe how the towns people thread their way through the thorn-fields of their relationships which are complicated by their addictions and obsessions and by the n …

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From “Threading Through Thorn-Fields”


“I thought you left town.” Lourdes' voice is steady.


“I need money.” Edna sways, then leans her hand on the wall. Her eyes are bloodshot and vacant, heavy with black circles. “Help me out.”


“I don’t have any money to give you.”


Whaddya mean? You must have a shit-load of money working here all the time. I hear you don’t pay rent. I have to help pay for gas.” Her head tilts in the direction of the idling tanker.


“I said, ‘I don’t have any money to give you.’ I have to save everything I earn for university.”


Edna straightens up, shuffles forward a step, and vaguely waves her index finger. “Oh, you’re a miss hoity-toity university student already, are you? You’re still in high school and you’re too good to help your own mother?”


“My mother abandoned me a long time ago.”


Edna says, “I named you Lourdes because you were supposed to heal my marriage. Supposed to heal me. You failed me and now you can’t even find the compassion to help me out?”


From Godsend


Lew didn’t want to end up like his father, Lewis Senior. A binge drinker who somehow scored long term disability early in his work career, his boozy abuse was all about neglect. Missing many school concerts and Christmas plays and being “sick” in bed, even for Lew’s Grade 8 farewell

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