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Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll
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Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll

By kileyturner
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49th Shelf friends helped compile this list of Canadian books that focus on the grungy, gritty, thrilling, dangerous, sometimes glamourous life of rock music, mind-altering drugs, and sex (we asked that two of the three be present for a book to make the list). Tweet us if you have more to add!


A Novel
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In this violent, raw, and often beautiful novel, Daniel Jones captures the long-vanished Toronto where a broke teen punk could buy a beer with a two-dollar bill. Soo, Kid, Jacky, and Boy are damaged and self-destructive, losing whole days to cheap booze and pills, accidental blackouts and hospital stays. They badly want to emulate local punk idols like the Viletones and Teenage Head, but can't hold it together long enough to learn an entire song. 1978 is Jones' uncompromising literary take on th …

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