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Sports Lit

By barbaramcveigh
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Literary sports and adventure books Here are some out of print titles that could be included on this list. I've been able to buy some of them online: SHOELESS JOE by WP Kinsella INSIDE THE POSTAL BUS by Michael Barry LE METIER by Michael Barry BLACK TIGHTS: WOMEN, SPORT AND SEXUALITY by Laura Robinson CROSSING THE LINE: SEXUAL ASSAULT IN CANADA'S NATIONAL SPORT by Laura Robinson COLD OCEANS by Jon Turk FAIL BETTER by Mark Kingwell For more about my interest in Sports Lit copy & paste this link:
The Girl and the Game

The Girl and the Game

A History of Women's Sport in Canada, Second Edition
also available: Hardcover Paperback eBook

In the second edition of this groundbreaking social history, M. Ann Hall begins with an important new chapter on Aboriginal women and early sport and ends with a new chapter tying today's trends and issues in Canadian women's sport to their origins in the past.


Students will appreciate the more descriptive chapter titles and the restructuring of the book into easily digestible sections. Fifty-two images complement Hall's lively narrative.

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The Grads Are Playing Tonight!

The Grads Are Playing Tonight!

The Story of the Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Club
by M. Ann Hall
foreword by Terry Jones
also available: eBook
tagged : basketball, women

Between 1915 and 1940 the amazing Edmonton Grads dominated women's basketball in Canada. Coached by J. Percy Page, they played over 400 official games, losing only 20; they travelled more than 125,000 miles in Canada, the United States, and Europe; and they crossed the Atlantic three times to defend their world title at exhibition games held in conjunction with the Summer Olympics in Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin. Meticulously researched and documented-including capsule biographies of all 38 wome …

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Muscle on Wheels

Muscle on Wheels

Louise Armaindo and the High-Wheel Racers of Nineteenth-Century America
also available: Hardcover

The majestic high-wheel bicycle, with its spider wheels and rubber tires, emerged in the mid-1870s as the standard bicycle. A common misconception is that, bound by Victorian dress and decorum, women were unable to ride it, only taking up cycling in the 1880s with the advent of the chain-driven safety bicycle. On the contrary, women had been riding and even racing some form of the bicycle since the first vélocipèdes appeared in Europe early in the nineteenth century.

Challenging the understandi …

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How We Did It

How We Did It

The Subban Plan for Success in Hockey, School and Life
also available: Paperback
tagged : educators, hockey

The ultimate hockey dad, Karl Subban is a former school principal and father of five, including three sons--P.K., Malcolm and Jordan--who have been drafted to the NHL. Karl's inspirational and moving story follows the hockey journey from house league to the big leagues and shows how to grow the unlimited potential that is in every child.

In his thirty-plus years of coaching, teaching and parenting, Karl Subban has proved to be a leader with the gift of inspiring others. He has dedicated his life …

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