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Books to Read When Sick (by Marina Endicott)

By 49thShelf
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"Books are the best prescription when someone you love is ailing, or when you are under the weather yourself. The ailment need not be physical: you might be sick of your own life, or of working, or of the endless cold rain that is summer in Edmonton. As opposed to the endless arctic wasteland that is winter in Edmonton… not that I don’t love the city madly. And I love these books, too. They will give you the only true remedies for illness: transport, delight, distraction, and a soupçon of schadenfreude." Marina Endicott's second novel, Good to a Fault, won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best Book, Canada/Caribbean region and was a finalist for the Scotiabank Giller Prize. Her new novel, The Little Shadows, about a sister vaudeville act touring the prairies in 1912, will be published by Doubleday this fall.
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Sometimes when sick, the best thing is to re-read a great book from childhood. Last year, holed up in the guest room with a horrible flu, I went through the Fionavar Tapestry saga in two days, sobbing like a fire hydrant through almost the whole final book, The Darkest Road. Five Canadian students move from a summer night’s concert at the U of T to a parallel world, Fionavar, where they have mythic tasks to accomplish. Comparable to Tolkien—better than Tolkien in some ways, I think. Fall into Fionavar and forget your petty ills for a few days. If you’re really sick, or if your eyes hurt too much to read, you can listen to a very good reading of the three books on Audible.
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