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A Special Welcome to Librarians and Teachers

If you're a Canadian teacher or librarian, you make it your mission to select the best books possible for your library or kids—and Canadian content matters to you. We love what you do and we want to make it easier for you to find Canadian books. So we’re introducing a range of special services and content on 49th Shelf just for you.

We also have a special member registration form exclusively for librarians and teachers and we invite you to use to open your account today. It’s free and takes just a minute. By doing so, you’ll be the first to know about the many features we’re rolling out over the course of this year especially for librarians and teachers:

• A unique reader advisory service for Canadian books
• Librarian and teacher-librarian review archives from the Canadian Children’s Book Centre and other partners
• Expanded title annotations with data on reading levels, curriculum links, and more
• Advanced search features
• Enhanced list-making and list export features


A model for incorporating library annotations within 49th Shelf's title listings.

Read more on how you can use 49th Shelf and sign up today!