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list price: $19.99
also available: Hardcover
category: True Crime
published: Sep 2006
publisher: HarperCollins

Under The Bridge

by Rebecca Godfrey

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0 of 5
0 ratings
list price: $19.99
also available: Hardcover
category: True Crime
published: Sep 2006
publisher: HarperCollins

The murder of Reena Virk in 1997 is one of the most notorious and heartbreaking casesin Canadian history. In Under the Bridge, acclaimed author Rebecca Godfrey reveals the stunning truth about a Canadian tragedy that captured international headlines.

Godfrey spent six years researching the case, conducting exclusive interviews withparents, classmates, police, prosecutors and several of the youths involved, including Warren Glowatski, one of the two teenagers convicted of murdering Virk. Godfrey also witnessed firsthand the many sensational trials of the infamous Kelly Ellard, the otherconvicted killer in the case. Blending extensive reportage with masterful narrative,Under the Bridge is a suspenseful, insightful story of violence and redemption.

About the Author

Rebecca Godfrey is an award-winning novelist and journalist. Her first novel, The Torn Skirt, was a national bestseller and a finalist for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize. Her second book, Under The Bridge, an investigation into the Reena Virk case, was a Globe and MailBook of the Year, and received the B.C. Award for Canadian Nonfictionand The Arthur Ellis Award for Nonfiction. Born in Toronto, and raisedin Victoria, she currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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  • , British Columbia National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction
  • , Arthur Ellis Award for Non-fiction
Editorial Reviews

“Intelligent . . . insightful . . . will be remembered for years.”

— Sarah Weinman, author of <em>The Real Lolita</em>

“Easily one of the most harrowing nonfiction books of the year. . . . Godfrey cannily shifts perspectives, which allows for insights not only into the legalities of the case but also into the minds of the teens involved. This is a dark ride.”

— <em>Vancouver Sun</em>

“Godfrey’s portraits are complex and unsentimental. . . . A homicide is best told as a story, and this marvelous book makes this very clear.”

— <em>The Globe and Mail</em>

“Will keep anybody with a brain and a heart reading into the night.”

— <em>Knoxville News Sentinel</em>

“A skilled and emotionally compelling investigation into the dark heart of adolescent society . . . a complex interwoven narrative of the events that is at once intimate and detached. . . A keen-edged and heart-rending account.”

— <em>National Post</em>

“A modern day Crime and Punishment that keeps you on the edge of your seat. A stunning book that manages to terrify and enlighten at the same time. I reread it on a regular basis to remind myself what the best, most empathic crime journalism can be like.”

— Gary Shteyngart

“Lipstick, platform shoes and braces have never felt more menacing. The book reads like a breezy bestseller, but it’s Godfrey’s in-depth reporting that gets under your skin.”

— <em>GQ</em>

“An in-depth look at the social circumstances and societal and cultural influences that led to this horrific event.”

— Tobias Carroll, <em>Rolling Stone</em>

“Both tragic and cathartic.”

— <em>The New York Times</em>

“An intelligent, insightful book that will be remembered for years.”

— <em>Baltimore Sun</em>

“In this groundbreaking book, Rebecca Godfrey writes with insight and compassion . . . She unspools a story that feels only too relevant today—an outsider yearning to fit in, a Queen Bee holding on to her crown, and an unfortunate misfit in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

— Stephanie Savage, co-creator, <em>Gossip Girl</em> and<em> Marvel’s Runaways</em>

“Godfrey, who mixes novelistic suspense with a journalist’s key eye for detail, does a terrific job of presenting the facts and letting readers decide how to judge the accused.”

— <em>Bustle</em>

Under the Bridge, as does In Cold Blood and The Executioner’s Song, defies and transcends genre. Yes, the crime—a gang of teenage girls plotting and carrying out the murder of another—is horrific, but make no mistake about it: Godfrey’s book is a brilliant work of literature.”

— Binnie Kirshenbaum, author of <em>Rabbits for Food</em>

“A swift, harrowing classic, perfect for these unnerving times.”

— Jenny Offill, author of <em>Dept. of Speculation</em>

“Dreamy, mysterious and ultimately terrifying.”

— Megan Abbott, author of <em>Give Me Your Hand</em>

Under the Bridge is a prodigiously researched and carefully observed account of a senseless murder and its aftermath. Rebecca Godfrey brings a sympathetic imagination and a finely tuned ear for language to bear on a dark subject, with spectacular results.”

— Evan Cornog, publisher, <em>Columbia Journalism Review</em>

“Offers an insightful perspective into the challenging, disturbing pressures of adolescent life in the 21st century. A must-read for parents and educators.”

— <em>New York Daily News</em>

“Hypnotic, obsessive, wonderfully transformative.”

— John Guare, author of <em>Six Degrees of Separation</em>

 “Haunting . . . phenomenal cinematic raw material.”

— <em>The Hollywood Reporter</em>

“A brilliant, compassionate retelling of a horrific murder.”

— <em>O</em>, The Oprah Magazine

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