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list price: $17.95
also available: Paperback
published: May 2017
publisher: Pajama Press Inc.

Two Times a Traitor

by Karen Bass

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0 of 5
0 ratings
list price: $17.95
also available: Paperback
published: May 2017
publisher: Pajama Press Inc.

Angry over his family’s recent move and current enforced holiday in Halifax, twelve-year-old Laz Berenger rebels against a guided tour of the Citadel and sets out to explore on his own. In one dark tunnel, his St. Christopher medal burns suddenly hot. There’s a strange smell, and Laz blacks out. When he wakes up, everything happens at once. A sword is put to his throat. Men who look like extras from Pirates of the Caribbean hand him over to a ship’s captain who strips him and takes his medal. He is declared a French spy. Laz realizes, to his horror, that it is 1745 and he is trapped in time. These English colonists, still loyal to King George, are at war with the French. To earn his freedom, Laz must promise to spy on the French at the fortification of Louisbourg. But once in Louisbourg, Laz earns a job as runner to the kind Commander Morpain and learns to love both the man and the town. How will Laz find a way to betray the inhabitants of Louisbourg? How else can he hope to earn back his St. Christopher medal, which is surely his key to returning to his own time?

The award-winning author of The Hill and Graffiti Knight has written an enthralling, swash-buckling time-slip adventure for middle-grade readers centered on a fascinating period in North American history.

About the Author
Karen Bass is the author of two Coteau novels based on World War II in Europe -- Run Like Jäger and Summer of Fire – and the contemporary teen music novel, Drummer Girl. Harbouring an interest in World War II since childhood, Karen began writing shortly after she was hired to manage a local library. Her stories and articles have been published in local newspapers, magazine and anthologies, and nationally in "Writers Circle Nine" and the "Canadian Writer's Journal." A fourth-generation Albertan, Karen attended the University of Alberta, and received a psychology degree from the University of Victoria. She currently lives with her family in northwesten Alberta, where she continues to work as a librarian.
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Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
9 to 12
4 to 7
  • Commended, Junior Library Guild selection
  • Commended, Best Books for Kids & Teens selection
Editorial Reviews

The past is accurately and engagingly depicted, and Laz's reactions to the harsh conditions, especially bad food and filth, are totally believable....time travel is a thrilling concept, and the tale overflows with compelling action...

— Kirkus

[A] young reader will certainly relate to the main character...[this book] should be regarded as an excellent educational resource.

— Resource Links

The plot of Two Times a Traitor is carefully woven and tension-filled....Richness of detail, the result of the author’s careful research, helps the reader suspend disbelief and be caught up in the story....Young readers will identify with likeable Laz and will enjoy the drama and fast pace of Two Times a Traitor. Recommended.

— CM Magazine

[Karen Bass] provides enough details to allow [readers] to draw their own conclusions about the battles between the French and the English and Laz's own personal dilemma.

— "War and Conflicts"

We rated this book: [4.5/5]...12-year-old Laz is a character you are going to root for....I really liked that the characters all spoke differently, reflecting where they were from. Laz makes a lot of references to his modern life that I found funny.

— Kids' Book Buzz

This novel has enough action to suit the most demanding reader....Highly recommended...

— Winnipeg Free Press

This is a great story....Canadian history isn't taught as much as it should be in school, so this story would be a great supplement for kids. Though Canada's 150th anniversary is being celebrated this year, this story demonstrates how Canada's history goes far beyond 150 years.

— Jill Jemmett

A wonderful read incorporating Canadian history and a great character.

— Canadian Bookworm

Readers will be swept up and away in this riveting middle-grade historical/time travel nail biting adventure, and into the pages of an exciting part of Canadian history! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

— Recently Read

Karen Bass knows how to seamlessly weave a bit of the unexpected into her fiction...Readers will adore the action adventure story of Two Times a Traitor but its story of historical events is extraordinary and not to be relegated to second place....By allowing Laz to be part of both sides and emphasizing his confusion about which side to favour, Karen Bass allows readers to see the conflict from different perspectives and takes history away from the one-sidedness of most textbooks. Moreover, she allows us to see that conflict, whether personal or historical, always has two sides that need to be seen.

— CanLit for LittleCanadians

[A]n exciting tale of adventure, time travel and war, all within a historical perspective. Bass' writing provides a visceral experience of the events leading up to the Siege of Louisbourg, thrusting Laz into a life completely unknown to him...Resurfacing after being immersed in Bass' highly charged, patriotic and engrossing portrayal of 1745 is certainly a challenge, not just for Laz but for the reader as well.

— Canadian Children's BookNews

Hard times often force maturity and Laz dealt with his situation well...

— Youth Services Book Review

Two Times a Traitor is a riveting time-slip adventure. From first page to last you are caught in the vortex that whisks him from the present back to the past....Bass vividly recreates past places and times and her characters, both good and bad, compel you to discover how Laz resolves the conflicts he faces as he matures from an immature youth to a teenager wise beyond his years. Beware: Putting the book down is near impossible.

— Pirates and Privateers

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