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list price: $12.99
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published: Aug 2022
publisher: HarperCollins

Here So Far Away

by Hadley Dyer

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depression, new experience, contemporary
0 of 5
0 ratings
list price: $12.99
also available: eBook Hardcover Hardcover
published: Aug 2022
publisher: HarperCollins

George Warren (real name: Frances, but nobody calls her that) is well aware that she’s sometimes too tough for her own good. She didn’t mean to make the hot new guy cry—twice. And maybe she shouldn’t have hit the school’s mean girl in the face. George’s loyalty and impulsiveness are what her friends love about her—they know she’s got their backs.

On the cusp of her senior year, though, everything starts to change: a fight with her best friend puts an irreparable rift in George's social circle, George’s father can no longer work as a police of?cer, and the family’s “nancial problems threaten her dream of going away for college. The year is turning out nothing like what George envisioned, but unfortunately, life’s a bad writer.

Then George meets Francis, an older guy who shares her name and her talent for sarcastic banter. In him, she—the queen of catch-and-release—has “nally found someone she wants to hold on to, when lately it seems like she’s only been pushing people away. And with him, she falls hard and recklessly in love in ways she never thought herself capable. In short, it’s the year George nearly loses everything, including herself, in secret and utterly alone.

With brilliant humor and heartbreaking truth, award-winning author Hadley Dyer tells a story of “nding love—and the road back from unthinkable loss.

About the Author

Hadley Dyer is the award-winning author of Here So Far Away and Johnny Kellock Died Today, among other books for children and young adults. She worked in the children’s book industry for more than twenty years. To learn more about her, visit her online at www.hadleydyer.com.

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Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
14 to 18
9 to 12
  • , Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour
  • , OLA Best Bets
Editorial Reviews

“Dyer depicts first passion and love with a precise, delicate hand; at the same time, her narrator George is irreverent, ironic and wonderfully earthy . . . Robust in wisdom and sparkling in word play, this is a thoroughly satisfying read.”

— Toronto Star

“Dyer goes for the jugular and in the end creates a heartbreaking novel dealing with secrets, loss and the mess that arises from not living truthfully.”

— Atlantic Books Today

“Evocative and literary.”

— <em>Kirkus Reviews</em>

“Honest and real and breathing.

— <strong>Teresa Toten</strong>, author of <em>Beware That Girl</em>

“A deeply felt romance constructed with equal respect to both sides, this love story is bittersweet like a Joseph Monninger novel, and equally hard to forget.”

— School Library Journal

“A refreshing and engrossing tale . . . sure to be a page-turner for teens.”

— <strong>Susin Nielsen</strong>, author of <em>We Are All Made of Molecules</em>

“With unpredictable plot twists and an entertaining streak of sarcasm, Dyer explores the blurred lines between right and wrong and the risks and dangers of an all-encompassing love.”

— <em>Booklist</em>

“Empathetic, comforting and wise . . . Poetic realism at its finest.”

— The Globe and Mail

“A sad, funny, heartbreaking, and beautiful book.”

— <strong>Margo Rabb</strong>, author of <em>Kissing in America</em>

“Brave and funny and tender.”

— <strong>Kit Pearson</strong>, author of <em>A Day of Signs and Wonders</em>

“Dyer’s prose captures the adolescent tone effortlessly . . . Here So Far Away touches a dark place not often plumbed in YA literature, and we see the painful process of maturity for the difficult journey it can be.”

— CM Magazine

“This is a gorgeous read, so wonder-full of surprises.”

— <strong>Tim Wynne-Jones</strong>, author of <em>The Emperor of Any Place<strong></strong></em>

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Reader Reviews

YA with a punch!

Here So Far Away is written by award winning YA author Hadley Dyer. The novel is set in the early 1990’s and is centered around George (she goes by her middle name), a typical misunderstood teenager just trying to escape her mundane existence. She is living in a small town “where bean sprouts were still considered an ethnic food” and is itching to graduate and leave town, and to not end up like her parents. The precious edge of adulthood just around the corner, George is often misunderstood, lonely and isolated by her too earnest nature. She ends up driving most of her friends away, subsequently falling for an older guy who moves to town, someone who she believes “gets her” even as she pretends to be years older than her age. She imagines herself as an adult having grown up conversations where she doesn’t mispronounce words, a time where everything is better, just by being with him. George has to learn who she is and how to stand on her own feet. We read as she experiences her first pangs of love, how to balance this newfound feeling with friendship, and the loss of friends you thought you knew. The story has many layers, including her depressed and injured father, a lovely friendship with an elderly man, and a sweet brother with an adorable Victorian disposition. The novel can be heavy at times and might be best suited for older teenagers or adults.

Dyer writes with an authentic voice, like she has captured the very tortured soul of being a teenage girl, deep with distraught when everything feels so helpless. Her characters are real and occasionally shocking with their cattiness and self-hatred. Any reader can relate to the yearning to just be different, to just grow up, to finally escape the mundanity of adolescence.

The writing is often very witty, yet Dyer goes for the jugular and in the end creates a heartbreaking novel dealing with secrets, loss, and the mess that arises from not living truthfully.

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