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list price: $14.99
published: March 2006
publisher: Tundra

A Fiddle for Angus

by Budge Wilson, illustrated by Susan Tooke

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0 of 5
0 ratings
list price: $14.99
published: March 2006
publisher: Tundra

Angus’ family is musical. Everyone has their own instrument and everyone knows how to make music. But Angus can only hum along to his family’s playing, and humming isn’t good enough. Angus wants to join his family’s orchestra.

When Angus’ father tells him the family will give him an instrument, he can’t choose until he hears the fiddle at a ceilidh. But fiddling is hard; he can’t make the music he wants. With patience, practice, and lots of lessons, Angus’ fingers learn how to play, and the music inside him finds a way out.

Budge Wilson’s story will ring true for every young musician and is a fitting tribute to the music makers of Cape Breton.

About the Authors

Budge Wilson

BUDGE WILSON is widely renowned for her writing. Her books, short stories and articles for children and adults have been recognized with many awards. A native of Halifax, she has lived permanently in Nova Scotia since 1989.
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Susan Tooke is an award-winning artist and children's book illustrator whose work has been exhibited across North America. In 2003, she received the Halifax Mayor's Award for Illustration, and she is a three-time winner of the Lillian Sheppard Memorial Award for Excellence in Illustration, for Full Moon Rising, Up Home, and The City Speaks in Drums. She lives in Halifax. Visit Susan Tooke's art blog.

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Contributor Notes

Budge Wilson is the author of the acclaimed book The Leaving, a short story collection chosen by the American Library Association as one of the 75 Best Children’s Books of the last 25 years, winner of the American Library Association award for Best Book for Young Adults, and the School Library Journal award for Best Book of the Year. A Nova Scotia native and resident, Ms. Wilson has worked as a teacher, commercial artist, photographer, and fitness instructor, but now occupies her time with her true love, writing.

Susan Tooke is a multi-talented artist whose repertoire includes painted murals, landscapes, portraits and digital imaging montages. The New Jersey born Ms. Tooke has had exhibits across North America, and in 1998 won the Artist Showcase Award at the Manhattan Arts International Annual Competition. She is a member of the Canadian Artists’ Federation, The Canadian Conference of the Arts, and The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Ms. Tooke resides in Halifax.

Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
6 to 9
1 to 4
Editorial Review

“…a remarkable book in which a supportive family and Cape Breton’s musical heritage help to foster Angus’ growth as an individual.”
Children’s Book News

“A Canadian picture book with more than regional appeal.”

“…charming picture book…it’s as much an hommage, in words and paintings, to Cape Breton – its seascapes, its landscapes, its musicians and its music.”
The Globe and Mail
A Fiddle for Angus is a charming tale. This is a very fine book.”
Alistair MacLeod
“Beautifully illustrated by Susan Tooke, this is a lovely story for anyone who is learning a new skill.”
ABQLA Bulletin
“Nova Scotia writer Budge Wilson once again uses her knack for creating wonderful stories that unwind effortlessly across the page, wrapping cozily around the reader and drawing them in. This book is yet another delightful offspring of her imagination.”
The Daily News
“[Angus] is a boy who seems real enough to step out of the page.”
Atlantic Books Today
“Besides a heart-warming story, A Fiddle for Angus has wonderful acrylic paintings by Halifax artist Susan Tooke.”
Winnipeg Free Press
“This is a visual treat, according to the Edmonton Public Library. The illustrations of the musical instruments in the store where Angus gets his fiddle are delicious.”
Edmonton Journal
“The story is simple yet compelling, swept along by language that allows readers to hear the music of the ocean. Acrylics on watercolor paper, combined with the colorful writing, make A Fiddle for Angus an all-around winner.”
The Bloomsbury Review

“This is an excellent story for children about moving from being a music student to being a musician.”
“Susan Tooke’s illustrations of Nova Scotia scenes are a joy.”
The Chronicle-Herald

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