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Ireland, a Bicycle, and a Tin Whistle

Ireland, a Bicycle, and a Tin Whistle

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McGill-Queen's University Press

Wilson, David



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McGill-Queen's University Press

Feature film

Road Trip

David A. Wilson is coordinator of the Celtic Studies Program and a professor in the Department of History at the University of Toronto. He has written widely on Irish history and politics, and has made several radio documentaries on Ireland for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

One of our best-selling titles, this book is sold and read across all the English speaking world.

In search of genuine traditional Irish music, the author navigates the both fascinating geography and culture of Ireland.

Cycling around Ireland in search of traditional music, a tin whistle in his saddlebag, David Wilson follows the coastline from Presbyterian Islandmagee to Gaelic Cape Clear and back from Dublin to Belfast. This story takes us on a journey across wild open spaces and crowded pubs and festivals that pulse with energy. This is the Ireland of fiddles, harps and flutes, butterflies on bog roads, Country-and-Irish songs, Ulster Fries, storytelling, and jigs and reels to the crack of dawn.

Traveling through the North, Wilson uncovers the political surface to portray the tragedy and comedy of life in the Protestant and Catholic communities. Aware of the polarized image that each side has of the other, he emphasizes finding common ground of the two communities.

Just as traditional Irish music is characterized by ornamentations and elaborations on a melodic theme, this book is full of variations and wanderings on the theme of the trip itself. And just as traditional Irish musicians will follow a sad slow air with a lively foot-tapping reel, Wilson's mood ranges from the nostalgic and reflective to the irreverent and mischievous. If there is a lament in one ear, there is a song in the other.

David Wilson, narrator, is in some ways the unlikely individual to deal with the harder bunch of Irish pubs, but his shrewdness and charm gets him through the politics of a polarized country.

Trip, journey, music, community, tolerance, nostalgia

There is much potential to show the sweeping, majestic countryside of Ireland, as well as the smoke-filled, festive inner world of the lively Irish pub.

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