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I-75 and the 401

I-75 and the 401

A Traveler's Guide Between Toronto and Miami
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How to Save $$$ and Get the Most from this Book

Using the Highway Exit Guide

will indicate the services you should find close to the exit on the indicated side of the highway.

Locations Marked by Logos
Logos are like welcome mats set out by the managers of locations that are particularly interested in serving our readers. A logo shows exactly where you will find this service. Several offer special savings: look for coupons on the same page! Please contact us with any comments or complaints you may have about these locations.

Money-Saving Coupons!

Money-saving and time-saving coupons are found on both the Canadian and American Exitguide pages.

Most of the savings are for accommodations but there are also coupons for food, drink, and merchandise. Free information packages from Tourism Associations can be obtained by calling the numbers listed in the bar at the top of the page or you can mail in the information coupons.

Most coupons do not have them, but you need to look for expiration dates.

And please note, most of the participating proprietors suggest you simply present this book to the front desk cashier who will likely clip the coupons for you. If clipping is not required to obtain your discount, you'll be free to use the coupons over and over again or you can pass them along when you lend your book to friends and family members who travel.

Tips for Drivers


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60 Years Behind the Wheel

60 Years Behind the Wheel

The Cars We Drove in Canada, 1900-1960
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