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The Mighty Carlins and Other Plays

The Mighty Carlins

Act 1

Lights up. A kitchen. Leo, in his sixties, sits at the kitchen table with a can of beer in his hand. He hums a song to himself and finishes his beer. Leo rises and puts the empty in a garbage bag by the sink. He grabs another beer from the fridge. He heads back to the table, cracks open the beer, and begins to hum another song to himself. After a while there is the sound of a car pulling up in front of the house, and then the sound of someone walking up to the door. There is the thump of someone trying to open a locked door. The door is unlocked and Mike enters. He carries a lot of beer.

Mike: Dad.

Leo: Mike.

Mike goes to the fridge and begins to load the beer into it. This takes a while.
Mike:Is Davey here?
Leo: Nope.
Mike: He's not here?
Leo: No.
Mike: Did he call?
Leo: No.
Mike: Jesus fucking Christ. You'd think he'd be on time.
Leo: We could share.
Mike: What?
Leo: We could start without him. What do you say, Many Chins?
Mike: Don't call me that.
Leo: Lose some weight and I'll quit callin' you that. Come on Mike, you grab the sharing jar, I'll grab the candles and we can sit down and share and reminisce.
Mike: I don't want to share with David. I especially don't want to share with you.
Leo: Then why are you here?
Mike: For Davey.

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Of Human Bondage

Of Human Bondage

by Vern Thiessen
introduction by Tracy Bealer
afterword by Heidi Janz
also available: Paperback eBook
tagged : canadian
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Coyote City / Big Buck City

Coyote City / Big Buck City

Two Plays (Exile Classics Series: Number Twenty-Nine)
tagged : canadian
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