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Carson Crosses Canada

Carson Crosses Canada

by Linda Bailey
illustrated by Kass Reich
also available: Hardcover Paperback
tagged : dogs, travel
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The Stray and the Strangers

All too soon the boy and the two boat strangers were climbing aboard a rumbling bus.
Kanella stood beside the bearded man, who was kneeling and gripping her by the ruff.
“You stay here with us, Kanella. This is your home, for now. He and his family will have to travel on and find one for themselves.”
With panicked eyes she watched the bus door close. Why was the bearded man allowing the boy to leave the camp?
The boy’s round face appeared in a square window, the woman’s face behind his. As she waved, she smiled, but the boy did not.
A frantic squeal burst out of Kanella’s chest. She wrenched herself free and sprinted after the bus as it pulled out onto the road.

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