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Fight for Life!

How Sara Josephine Baker Saved the Lives of America's Children
by Monica Kulling
illustrated by Renné Benoit
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Dear Black girls,I love the way your Black skin wraps itself around you,as if it never wants to let go,as if your colour is the richest thing it has ever known. /Dear Black girls,I love the way the kinks in your curls twirl,bouncing and free, /afros worn like crownswith hair defying gravity /protected in locks and braidsand under wigs and weavesbecause whatever you choose is up to you, Queens. / And know that this goesfor the rest of your body /and anyone who tells you differentdoesn't have to live, breathe, exist, be in it, /so please let it be knownthat your body is your ownand only yours, dear Black girls. /

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