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Book Cover the Queer Evangelist

On Telling the Truth in Politics

By Cheri Divnovo

An excerpt from new memoir The Queer Evangelist, Cheri DiNovo's story of her life as a queer minister, politician and st …

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 The Chat with GG's Literature Award Winners The Fan Brothers

The Chat with GG's Literature Award Winners The Fan Brothers

By Trevor Corkum

We continue our special coverage of this year’s Governor General's Literature Award winners in conversation with the a …

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Book Cover Oy Feh So

Notes from a Children's Librarian: Books on Jewish Heritage

By Julie Booker

Compelling stories showcasing Jewish Heritage to be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

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The Chat with GG's Literature Award Winner Madhur Anand

The Chat with GG's Literature Award Winner Madhur Anand

By Trevor Corkum

Check out our conversation with Madhur Anand, whose brilliant experimental memoir This Red Line Goes Straight to Your He …

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Me and Bridget Jones (20 Years Later)

Me and Bridget Jones (20 Years Later)

By Erika Thorkelson

Erika Thorkelson's "Me and Bridget Jones (20 Years Later)" is one of the essays in Midlife, a new essay collection explo …

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The Chat with GG's Literature Award Winner Michelle Good

The Chat with GG's Literature Award Winner Michelle Good

By Trevor Corkum

Today we are pleased to kick off our special coverage of the 2020 Governor General's Award winners (English-language) wi …

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Book Cover Cattail Skyline

The World Up Close

By Joanne Epp

A recommended reading list by author of new book CATTAIL SKYLINE on paying close attention to the small and particular.

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Book Cover What's In It For Me

The Keepers on My Bookshelf

By LS Stone

Depth and humour are themes in this great recommended reading list by the author of the new middle grade novel What's in …

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Book Cover the Girl from Dream City

How Does a Woman Become a Writer?

By Linda Leith

"The writers who interest me most, always, are women who write about themselves in ways that a male writer never could." …

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Book Cover Big Reader

11 Essay Collections to Revisit Now

By Susan Olding

"The bestselling novel of a decade ago will sometimes seem stale or irrelevant today, but that’s rarely true of an ess …

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Take the Cover Shuffle Challenge


Think you know Canadian books? Well then step right up for the Canadian Bookshelf Cover Shuffle Challenge!

Cover Shuffle asks you to supply the correct titles to match the covers of 24 great Canadian books. It’s fun, possibly even a little addictive, and a great way to start exploring Canadian Bookshelf.

How it works:

Players have six minutes to enter in the correct titles for 24 different Canadian book covers. If you get stuck, you can click on the clue link next to each book cover and also use the in-game search to scour the site for the correct answers. The game is over when a player answers all 24 questions or runs out of time.

The prize:

 Bragging rights!

Play as many times as you wish and share your scores on Twitter or Facebook. A random draw will award prizes among players who register to win.

Think you know Canadian books? Well then let's get started. And challenge your friends too by sharing your score on Facebook or Twitter.

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The Personal Book Shopper Contest: June #mybookshopper

personal book shopper

Welcome to The Personal Book Shopper Contest!

To recap, we know word-of-mouth is the #1 one way readers find their way to their next book. And we know that if you're into social media, you're used to sending out the call for recommendations of one sort or another. So to hearken back to my earliest days as @BookMadam, I'm going to hook you up with some good books. It's the personal touch.

How does it work?

We're inviting readers to submit a few "choice words" to describe themselves. Have a deep think and get as creative as you'd like. Using those words, I, along with a rotating door of readers, publishers, booksellers, authors, bloggers, librarians—you name it—will attempt to come up with not one but three books we think you might like . . . and then we're gonna give 'em to you! We'll choose three winners per contest. Counting on my fingers, that's, yep, nine books given away each month. Even if you don't win, you'll still walk away with a new reading list!

And the first contest begins . . . now!

Enter in one of three ways:

1) Twitter: Follow @CdnBookshelf so you'll never miss our news and announcements. When each Personal Book Shopper Contest is announced, using the hashtag #mybookshopper, reply to @CdnBookshelf with a minimum of five choice words to describ …

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The Personal Book Shopper Contest: July #mybookshopper

personal book shopper

Welcome back to The Personal Book Shopper Contest! I'm your host, Julie Wilson (@BookMadam).

Every month, we ask readers to imagine a world—walk with me—a world in which a rotating panel of librarians, booksellers, publishers and authors put on their collective thinking hats (and feeling hearts) to select three books each for three randomly-selected winners based solely on five words those readers submitted to describe themselves. You can imagine, it yields a wide variety of results, which is just how we like it!

Check out June's results to see how it all went down.

We've fired up a Facebook event for July's contest and already a few early birds have shared their words. Here's a sample: natural nomad -- greeniac -- circular rainbow; yackademic, energetic, optimistic, apoplectic, winsome mystic, goofball; tenacious, optimistic, thoughtful, good listener, sensitive.

What are your words this month? To enter:

1) Add your words to this month's Facebook event here. (Feel free to "Share" the event with your friends!)

2) Reply to @cdnbookshelf on Twitter with your five words and the hashtag #mybookshopper.

Get to it, word nerds! (She said with much affection.)

Contest closes tomorrow: Wednesday, July 20 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

This month's winners, along with our guest panel, wil …

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The Personal Book Shopper Contest: July's Book Picks Revealed #mybookshopper

personal book shopper

Congratulations to the winners of July's Personal Book Shopper Contest!

Our panelists went to their corners, their hidey-holes, their secret places and have come back with their individual picks for each winner, using only five words! Crazy!

Let's meet our panelists:

Door #1: Corey Redekop writes sometimes (see: Shelf Monkey), publicizes the works of others more often (see: Goose Lane Editions), and aggrandizes himself most of all (see: his inflated sense of self-worth [you can see it from space!]). (Ed. Corey submitted his own bio. I can only see his sense of self-worth on sunny days between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Get on it, Corey!)
Door #2: Ryan Deschamps is twitterin' knitterin' former Haligonian, new Reginian librarian, who likes readable non-fiction, zombies and super heroes.
Door #3: It's a new car . . . and Steph VanderMeulen, indie bookseller, book blogger at Bella's Bookshelves and freelance copyeditor.

Our winners:

Shelley Savor: readaholic, greenishblue, curious, driven, pensive
Tracey G. Paris: Swims deep but loves deeper.
Avis Anderson: quiet, quirky, questioning, québécoise, quibbler

Corey's Picks:

Shelley Savor: readaholic, greenishblue, curious, driven, pensive
Shining at the Bottom of the Sea, (Penguin) by Stephen Marche
The World More Full …

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