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The Tree Doctor

A Guide to Tree Care and Maintenance

by Daniel Prendergast & Erin Prendergast

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list price: $26.95
category: Gardening
published: 2003
publisher: Key Porter Books

The perfect resource for experienced and novice tree owners alike. If you are fortunate enough to live on property that includes trees, The Tree Doctor is the ideal manual for care and maintenance. This is a comprehensive volume that includes information on tree identification, tips regarding what makes a good city tree, how to analyse soil, proper planting and pruning techniques, how to manage both young and mature trees, basic treatment for insect and disease prevention, how to get the most value out of your trees, and much more. The Tree Doctor also provides invaluable guidance to those new to tree ownership with advice on the right species for every space, whether to choose a shade or flowering tree, what to look for in choosing a tree from a nursery, and how to hire qualified experts if you need to. Each chapter provides detailed information. Sample table of contents: - The Benefits of Trees - Tree Selection and Placement - What is a tree? - What parts make up a tree? - How to choose a healthy tree from a nursery - How trees are sold - Hardiness rating - Important factors to consider when selecting a tree - Tree characteristics - Planning and design - Planting for landscape enhancement and functionality - What makes a tree suitable for the city? - How you can maintain your street tree - Planting and Care After Planting - Pruning And much more! Complemented by more than 20 photographs and detailed diagrams, The Tree Doctor is a bible for every tree owner. (March 2003)

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